Workshop on Mobile Technology Teaching in Language Learning

Oleh: Fence Koniyo . October 3, 2019 . 11:49:00

UPT Bahasa UNG held a two-day workshop on Mobile Technology Teaching for the English  lecturers  throughout 10 faculties of the university. It took place on November 9th to 10th at Eljie Hotel of Gorontalo Province. The keynote speaker at the event was Karmila Machmud, Ph. D, a lecturer at State University of Gorontalo as well as the US alum of Ohio University. It was held to help educate English lecturers to teach English using updated and sophisticated technology. The participants were so excited learning about technology in language learning as it will help them in implementing their lesson in the classroom. There were 15 participants attending the event and some were the English teachers of UPT Bahasa UNG.



December 30, 2018

Be Number One of the Language Center 2019

As we embark the brand new year of 2019. We will hold an exciting event scheduled to take place on 15th of January 2019 at the Citimall of Gorontalo.